The Hirschis

Fall is definitely my favorite season. The temperature is just right, the colors are so beautiful and vibrant. There is something about fall that always makes me take a moment to stop and look around and appreciate the beauty in the world. I’m sure you have to agree with me to some extent. You are driving going about your normal routine and all of the sudden you notice all these beautiful colors in the trees and you realized you didn’t even noticed how quickly the colors changed. Fall is always a nostalgic time for me and faith affirming. Como no creer en Dios, comes to mind (a Christian song I love), It translates to how can we even doubt that God exists, everything about fall is just so beautiful.

Fall is also one of my favorite times of the years to take photos. With school and work my time is very limited but, I was lucky enough to photograph the Hirschis. I took newborn pictures for Gannon who is the cutest little boy.  It was so precious to get to see him now at five months old and photograph his family. His picture perfect family at that.  As I edited the pictures, usually between class breaks, whoever would get a glance would mention how cute of a family they are. They are not only a good looking family but also a family to look up to. Megan traveled with the kids not long ago and when I asked Dr. Hirschi about her whereabouts he replied that she was superwoman and had traveled with the kids.  He didn’t know how she did it. I was impressed by his words because there was love and admiration in them. I can only hope my own husband talks like that about me one day.  Ehm ehm. David! Well, here are some of the pictures we took. 

Kristina and Amir

These picture were taken a while back and as I was looking at the final result I knew I had to share them. Ever-so-often,  everything works in my favor and goes better than planned. This photo shoot was a perfect example. The sunset was gorgeous, the breeze was nice and refreshing, plus I had my husband as an assistant (that doesn’t happen often so it was a nice treat). As a hopeless romantic, I get excited about couples and their story. This couple met during their first year in dental school. They became friends and had the craziness of dental school to contend with. After about a year of friendship, Amir was smart enough to ask Kristina to be his plus one to a wedding. That wedding was the catalyst that took their friendship to the next level and they started dating. Their chemistry was clear and Amir soon proposed during their  third year of school. 

The great thing about meeting in dental school is that they have experienced every emotion with each other.  From the ugliness that comes with being stressed and sleep deprived 24-7 before exams or boards to the overwhelming joy that comes after knowing you passed.  They know the pretty, the ugly and everything in between. In my book, if you can survive a romance under such conditions you can pretty much survive anything life has to throw at you.

Kristina is one of the sweetest dental students I have met thus far. I feel like Aibileen Clark from the movie The Help when I say this (the part where she tells the little girl that she is smart, she is pretty and she is important), she is not only beautiful, but she is smart and more importantly she is kind. Although I don’t know Amir as well as I know Kristina, his love for her was obvious. He treats her like a queen and when he speaks of her there is not only love, but pride in his voice. He has a contagious smile and you can’t help but smile along with him.  I am sure this is only the beginning for these two love birds and can’t wait to see how their story continues to unfold.

Baby Gannon

I first met baby Gannon about five months ago, when he was still baking. The same day I met his two beautiful, smart big sisters to be and have been looking forward to meeting him ever since. With so many ladies in the house I was anticipating another beautiful baby girl and so I got all prepared with a baby girl outfit and the cutest baby girl props. 

But Lo and Behold! The Herschi’s had their first baby boy! He was such a relaxed and easy going baby. He is perfect! with a beautiful set of full hair and the cutest little face. What a lucky boy baby Gannon is to be born among so much love. 

Baby Harry And Big Brother Marshall

 The two most handsome boys visited me for a shoot last weekend.  It was such a joy to work with the Logan family. Marshall (Harrison’s big brother) was smart, funny, inquisitive and to top it off handsome!

I loved seeing this family’s interaction. Nikki is a kindergarten teacher and you can certainly see her experience with children translated to how she treats  her own kids. She would explain everything to Marshall with patience and love.

Lets face it, Newborn photography demands a lot of patience  but it was inspiring to see how this mom handled the whole experience. She is definitely “Goals” when it comes to her relationship with her boys. I saw a glimpse of the type of mother I want to be. To celebrate this beautiful family here are the photos from the shoot.

Baby DriSyree Finally Made His Debut!!!


This story started about seven months ago when I was getting a tour of my new job at Lecom Dental. As I was getting my tour, Sherayah (DriSyree’s mom) poked out of her office and said “I am hungry!” and thats how she was introduced to me. I was told she was pregnant and always hungry.   The rest is history. 

I have seen this baby grow in the past seven months in his mom’s belly. I have spoken to him with my awesome Mexican accent and he replied more than once with a kick or too. I waited patiently for him to grow into an nice baby bump so I could capture his mom’s beautiful pregnancy glow.

It was awesome finally meeting him at 13 days old. The wait was more than worth it. 

Baby Lucas!

I come from a relatively large family. It is pretty safe to say we are the Mexican version  of the Portokalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. One of my most vivid memories from when I was about 12 was fighting to hold the baby in the family, and everyone’s living doll, Chuy. 

Nope! that my friends is not Chuy, that’s Lucas! That’s the baby of the baby of our generation. Wow! that just blows my mind! I was fortunate to be able to take pictures of him when I went to Virginia about 5 months ago (pictures above) and again for his first birthday! I kid you not,  after his smash cake my knees were covered in bruises.  He is one happy, active kid. 

You know how most people fight to have a turn at playing a video game? You have to wait for your turn to get to play next. Well, I would wait for my turn to hold baby Chuy. (awww sweet, I know! I was a sweet kid, what can I say?)  I loved holding baby Chuy so much, his evil sister Olivia (pretty much a sister to me) scratched me once because I wasn’t willing to give him up.  Its crazy when I see my cousin’s kids all grown up, when I see Chuy’s baby smile while he plays with his dad. Time goes by so fast, we grow up so fast, that’s why I think its so very important to document and capture every moment, because soon, it will just be a memory. 

Sarahi and Mason’s Christmas Photoshoot

I was lucky enough to take pictures of my baby cousin Sarahi and her then boyfriend (now fiancee!) Mason last time I was down in Virginia. I don’t know about them, but I had a blast. I got to see them interact with their fur babies and got a little preview of how they will be as parents. Let me tell you guys…I have a feeling they will be great parents when the time comes. They are completely devoted to their babies Ellie and Teddy. Sarahi wore a hat with a yellow lab on it and Mason wore one with a black lab on it.  For those who know me, you know my husband and I are crazy about our dog but this couple for sure surpass our obsession for our baby Lola. And I love it!   


 I took this session a bit before Christmas and I would like to believe I gave them good luck because Mason proposed for New Years Eve!!! Woohooo! I am so very happy for them both. I can’t wait to see them grow as a couple and as a family, too!  As I sip on my coffee  and review this session, I toast to their happiness! 


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