The Hirschis

Fall is definitely my favorite season. The temperature is just right, the colors are so beautiful and vibrant. There is something about fall that always makes me take a moment to stop and look around and appreciate the beauty in the world. I’m sure you have to agree with me to some extent. You are driving going about your normal routine and all of the sudden you notice all these beautiful colors in the trees and you realized you didn’t even noticed how quickly the colors changed. Fall is always a nostalgic time for me and faith affirming. Como no creer en Dios, comes to mind (a Christian song I love), It translates to how can we even doubt that God exists, everything about fall is just so beautiful.

Fall is also one of my favorite times of the years to take photos. With school and work my time is very limited but, I was lucky enough to photograph the Hirschis. I took newborn pictures for Gannon who is the cutest little boy.  It was so precious to get to see him now at five months old and photograph his family. His picture perfect family at that.  As I edited the pictures, usually between class breaks, whoever would get a glance would mention how cute of a family they are. They are not only a good looking family but also a family to look up to. Megan traveled with the kids not long ago and when I asked Dr. Hirschi about her whereabouts he replied that she was superwoman and had traveled with the kids.  He didn’t know how she did it. I was impressed by his words because there was love and admiration in them. I can only hope my own husband talks like that about me one day.  Ehm ehm. David! Well, here are some of the pictures we took. 

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