Kristina and Amir

These picture were taken a while back and as I was looking at the final result I knew I had to share them. Ever-so-often,  everything works in my favor and goes better than planned. This photo shoot was a perfect example. The sunset was gorgeous, the breeze was nice and refreshing, plus I had my husband as an assistant (that doesn’t happen often so it was a nice treat). As a hopeless romantic, I get excited about couples and their story. This couple met during their first year in dental school. They became friends and had the craziness of dental school to contend with. After about a year of friendship, Amir was smart enough to ask Kristina to be his plus one to a wedding. That wedding was the catalyst that took their friendship to the next level and they started dating. Their chemistry was clear and Amir soon proposed during their  third year of school. 

The great thing about meeting in dental school is that they have experienced every emotion with each other.  From the ugliness that comes with being stressed and sleep deprived 24-7 before exams or boards to the overwhelming joy that comes after knowing you passed.  They know the pretty, the ugly and everything in between. In my book, if you can survive a romance under such conditions you can pretty much survive anything life has to throw at you.

Kristina is one of the sweetest dental students I have met thus far. I feel like Aibileen Clark from the movie The Help when I say this (the part where she tells the little girl that she is smart, she is pretty and she is important), she is not only beautiful, but she is smart and more importantly she is kind. Although I don’t know Amir as well as I know Kristina, his love for her was obvious. He treats her like a queen and when he speaks of her there is not only love, but pride in his voice. He has a contagious smile and you can’t help but smile along with him.  I am sure this is only the beginning for these two love birds and can’t wait to see how their story continues to unfold.

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