Baby Lucas!

I come from a relatively large family. It is pretty safe to say we are the Mexican version  of the Portokalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. One of my most vivid memories from when I was about 12 was fighting to hold the baby in the family, and everyone’s living doll, Chuy. 

Nope! that my friends is not Chuy, that’s Lucas! That’s the baby of the baby of our generation. Wow! that just blows my mind! I was fortunate to be able to take pictures of him when I went to Virginia about 5 months ago (pictures above) and again for his first birthday! I kid you not,  after his smash cake my knees were covered in bruises.  He is one happy, active kid. 

You know how most people fight to have a turn at playing a video game? You have to wait for your turn to get to play next. Well, I would wait for my turn to hold baby Chuy. (awww sweet, I know! I was a sweet kid, what can I say?)  I loved holding baby Chuy so much, his evil sister Olivia (pretty much a sister to me) scratched me once because I wasn’t willing to give him up.  Its crazy when I see my cousin’s kids all grown up, when I see Chuy’s baby smile while he plays with his dad. Time goes by so fast, we grow up so fast, that’s why I think its so very important to document and capture every moment, because soon, it will just be a memory. 

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